I live in New York City, the grand empress of the mega municipalities of the modern era. The City's grandeur however is shrunk by the verities of poverty, squalor, and overcrowdedness that have for centuries weighed so stubbornly down her reach. It is contorted by a class disparity whose persistence is far too widely visualized as brilliant. A long tradition of income-based housing segregation and decades of homelessness ravage the would-be splendor. So entrenched is the erosion of refinedness that hardly is there a bother to address even the slightest of the tragedies hailing declension. It is a city that gasps for relief from a long and hurried course of slighted decay.

Yet, this home of mine has Mother Liberty standing central to its function as the financial center of the United States of America -- the nation whose pride lays claim to the greatest feats in success in all of modernity. I am a fifth-generation American, and unfortunately, the America that I know has declined to rebuff the racist machinations of white supremacist ignoramuses. It despairs in silent witness of homophobic homosexuality. It looks in another direction, i.e., away form, an ageist dishonor. Paranoid and exceptional simultaneously, it fosters myths of the magic of money and of hierarchal worship. Violent selfishness and the climate for clones of doomsday reckoning confer their decadence.

Abutting this dismal state of my New York City and America is the unfortunate circumstance of an earth nowhere on whose surface observed a scheme that would end inequality, save my own. Indeed, for greater than a century now, the Communist and Socialist Parties of Europe and Asia have combined quietly and cruelly with the Democrats and Republicans in America, and in this combination, there has grown self-interestedly a psychosis of entropy across the entire planet. As abetters to such pathology, these wretchedly guided political entities have created their own doom-mongering academia and media. They have at all times had as co-conspirators the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu faith leaders. Their persistence is perfidious. It is massive, moronic, and all the while, celebratory.

There is little doubt in my mind but that revolution is the only alternative to the nasty wretchedness of this savage world condition. No uncertainty belies my conviction that there cries out an urgency across humanity for change in the substance of world leadership. No second guessing is there to be found anywhere in my sparse reasoning capacity that this compulsion for direction demands resistance and likely an insurrection across and by humanity.

In this spirit, then, this little blog front posits alternatives that require a more arduous resolve than even the Revolutionary War's statesmen, but that are simultaneously practical, schematically plausible, and humane. It responds rhetorically to the urgency of world conditions that require changing in an honorable and resistant fashion. In this response, I have coined the term "blog front" to designate the structure for advancing my priorities for worldwide change. By blog front, then, I mean most succinctly the apparatus through which one's self-anointed purpose is to communicate, collaborate, and orchestrate the implementation of revolutionary undertakings. Consistent with this purpose, a hoodfront promulgates the thoughts, values, and governing principles that revolution most exigently compels.

The functional design of this purpose addresses the political and economic dimensions of demands for simultaneous world change in and beyond the extant repressive yet celebrated structure. It restores to the human inheritance the hegemony that was relinquished over the centuries to the political wretches who today vow only to intensify their domination over our planet, even to their very own endangerment. It is a design that projects from the streets of New York City, from the cell phones and laptops throughout the Americas, from collaborative media outlets in and about Europe and Asia, from the shores and erosions of hope and vitality in Africa, Oceania, and worlds still undiscovered.

Whether an explorer or a serious navigator of my breakout of change considerations, if you are content to remain silently complacent and blinded in the wake of the governments, churches, schools, and institutions that have inspired the robbery of your dignity, subjected you to the inequality, misogyny, or pathology, and insulted the simplest and keenest attributes of your humanity, your complicity renders you an enemy of my ambitions, and you are your own worst enemy in fact. Your self-destroying whims are indeed your liberties, but you should remain conscious that my revolution challenges stiffly the visual, perceptive, and functional misapprehensions that devour your spirit as it in fact overtakes consciousness across every remnant of your liberty.

If, in the meantime, you choose or aspire to partake actively in the inspirational dimension of my war, avail yourself to your recruiter's guidance. Study the agency of leadership real-time, and dedicate yourself to the production -- more so than to the consumption -- aspect of rebellion. Your performance and output, like your character and devotion, will be central to your attraction to the leadership team that deems your selection a constructive measure.

You, of course, enjoy the liberty with which to engage without pledging fraternally, and in this event, contact your recruiter for the specifics on how this achievement becomes reality. I only ask that you reveal earnestly to your recruiter the personal self-interests that your potential engagement represents.

Finally, and notwithstanding your chosen identity as that of an enemy, as an ally, or as a hoodfront at war, you will grow steadily to realize that a revolution for equality in the structure of human relationships is most primely a function of spirit. It is a function of the love and compassion of the spirit of a priceless leadership, and thus of a cadre leadership which, in the matter of my cause, is of a postmaterial essence. It is a function of a leadership, as such, that appoints itself to lead selflessly, successfully, and, most importantly, with a warranty of certainty against defeat by the largest, mightiest, and best equipped and most modern of the conventional armies.